Take control of your finances

Wagefi allows employees to access a portion of their wages prior to their scheduled payday. Whether it be money for emergency expenses, groceries, or even gas to get to work, they can access it instantly in times of need.

Instant access

Get instant access to the WageFi card as soon as you sign-up.

Rewards and offers

Personalized rewards to gamify your journey to financial stability.

Control over finances

Learn how you can budget, track, save and develop better financial habits.

Financial flexibility​

Avoid financial stress and hardship by accessing a portion of your next paycheck​.


Our international team is available 24/7 X 365 to help you with your financial goals.

Privacy and security

We don't store any sensitive data like bank account numbers.

Easy to Use

Transact with ease

No more missed deadlines or late fees, just fast and easy payments wherever you are.

No surprise fee or credit checks

We don't use credit bureau score for our decision and no surprise fees will be charged to your account.

Digital wallets

We support Apple, Google and Samsung digital wallets.

Start the app in a few steps

Once your employer partners with WageFi its very simple to get access to your advance.

Download app

Employees get an invitation email to download our iOS or Android app based on their device

Tell us about yourself

We ask employees to provide and verify their name, address, phone number, email. This information is used to issue the WageFi debit card.

Verify Employment

You can verify employment instantly by logging into your payroll provider or upload recent paystubs.


Simply activate your account by connecting a bank account and you are all set!

The future of financial well-being

Overdraft fees and payday lenders are killing the economy of this nation, the solution is financial flexibility with WageFi. 

Users love our app



Helpful app when you need money immediately. Easy to use and get access to pay fast and not wait for payday. Life saver!



Got money for emergency expense within minutes. Life saver!



I do like the app but it only gave me $30 advance starting off which was paid in full on payday. I love that it was instant.